Joanna-4 model STANDARD





"JOANNA-4"  is a half-row pull-behind harvester for plantations
up to 60 acres




  • Harvesting capacity 
    • 1/3  acre/hour in 5-6 year old aronia,
    • 1/4 acre/hour in older plants

  • Accuracy of harvesting more than 98%


  • Output 3,300 lbs/hour average


  • 8" over the ground harvest


  • Fully adjustable hydraulic drives and conveyors' speed


  • Powered by 540 PTO


  • Min. required power of tractor's engine 22 kW (30 hp)


  • Harvesting of fruit in big 1,100 lbs totes or small 20-40 lbs boxes


  • Load capacity of working platform 2,525 lbs


  • Weight 3,440 lbs


  • Fruit harvesting system siderow, one shaker


  • Independent adjustment of the travel speed conveyors





  • very low loss rate, less than 5%,
    • harvesting begginning from  8" over the ground,
  • unlimited row width,
    • harvesting long branches with fruit,
  • fruit falling from inches height,
    • more economic for middle-size plantations.


Siderow harvesting system


working scheme in 10ft row







JOANNA-4The newest model "JOANNA-4" berry harvester is equipped with the fruit harvesting system that is based on one unit for shaking off fruits – this system is the best and guarantees 100% effectiveness of harvesting with absolutely minimum loss of berries. The fruit harvesting system is equipped with a modern, maintenance-free, silent-running head for shaking off berries.



“JOANNA-4” berry harvester has a spacious uniform working platform that is equipped with the shields (installed on the berry row side of the platform) protecting against falling of leaves into the boxes with berries harvested and with a dismountable guard-rail (installed at the rear of the platform) protecting the boxes with berries against falling down from the platform. The working platform can accommodate a totes and several rows of boxes. Highly located conveyor enables central unloading of berry into totes and forming a peak of unloaded berry higher than the height of the box sides without the operator's intervention.


rollers for unloading 1,100 lbs boxesIn order to facilitate unloading of totes, the harvester can be additionally equipped with rollers for unloading 1,100 lbs boxes. Also, on special request of the customer, the working platform can be adapted to have load capacity of 2,535 lbs and to offer the possibility of simultaneous harvesting of berries into two totes.


set of equipment for placing two 1,100 lbs boxes one after the other with long output totary pipe                          
revolving output pipe to collect berries into two 500 kg  (or other) containers set one next to the other 
 Set of equipment for placing two 1,100 lbs totes one after the other with long output rotary pipe
   Wider platform capacity with revolving pipe



“JOANNA-4” berry harvester has two fruit conveyors with adjustable travelling speed (the conveyors can transport a large amount of fruits to the containers) and an efficient berry cleaning module.


Thanks to such a technical solutions employed, the currant harvester performs very well on the plantations whose fruit yield is as high as 20 ton of berry per hectare. This harvester guarantees highly-efficient and intensive harvesting of berries characterized by the best quality parameter, with minimum operating activities required. Oil cooler with a thermostat, installed as a standard, guarantees stable operation of the highly loaded harvester.


“JOANNA-4” harvester has also a wide range of adjustment functions. Travelling speed of the conveyors’ belts, rotations of the unit for shaking off berry, fan rotations can be smoothly regulated. The operator can conveniently control the hydraulic system from the working platform by means of high-quality regulators.

As a standard, the harvester is equipped with a mechanical screw to adjust position of draw bar during harvest 


JOANNA-4 harvester can be equipped with numerous accessories. The available options guarantee that the machine can be optimally adapted to the needs, requirements and expectations of the customers.




attachment to pick up small bushes, lower than 1,20 m hydraulic draw bar adjustment Side levelling for working on slopes

1. Attachment to pick up small bushes (lower than 4 feet)

 2. Hydraulic  adjustment of draw bar  position 

 3. Adjustable platform wheel for work on crosswise slopes (exceeding 5% up to 14%)

turning wheels work platform roofing sorting conveyor

 4. Hydraulic regulation of rear wheels turns


 5. Working platform roofing


 6. Sorting conveyor


 fork hitch platform working lamps shaking rod coated with rubber
 7. Fork hitch
 8. Working lights on the platform
 9. Shaking rod coated with rubber


and other specialized equipment suitable for individual needs of the customers. While choosing from among the available options, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist from commercial department in order to receive assistance and any information necessary to make a proper decision concerning the accessories for the harvester.






  • ARONIA VERSION shaking power best for aronia and rose hips,


  • CURRANT VERSION – shaking power best black, red currant and Saskatoon berries.


  • EXTRA-LOW - suitable for harvesting low bushes like gooseberry



Here is the article about mechanical harvesting of haskap, saskatoons, and dwarf sour cherries using The Joanna Harvester in 2009:



Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any additional information. 

JOANNA-4 aronia harvest
JOANNA-4 black currants harvest
JOANNA-4 on aronia plantation during work
JOANNA-4 - red currants harvest
      shaking      <BR>
                              aronia fruit after harvesting in big 1,100 lbs totes<BR>

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