Mower-shredder with swing arm KS-2.2R

Technical data:
Working width
 2,20 m
Number of working rotors 2
Working driving speed 3-6 km/h (1,5-3 mph)
Number of rotor’s knives main rotor’s knives: 2 + 2 pieces
side rotor’s knives: 2 pieces
Cutting height 25 – 75 mm
Weight 410 kg (900 lbs)
0.3-1.0 hectare/hour
60 cm
Maximum reach outside the tractor’s outline 120 cm
Tractor power demand
42 kW (60HP)




"KS-2.2R" mower-shredder designed for use in orchards can be successfully used on berry-bush plantations and in other agricultural applications connected with shredding grass, weeds, branches, green parts of plants as well as for shredding harvest remains and cutting sprigs (up to ø3 cm). This mower-shredder eliminates the necessity of using herbicides. "KS-2.2R" mower-shredder can be also used for destroying ground-part of old berry-bush plantations.

The special feature of "KS-2.2R" mower-shredder is that it enables maintaining cleanliness in the tree-line area on plantations and in orchards. This is possible thanks to the use of an additional rotor attached to the swing arm that can smoothly reach to the tree-line area.



The machine is suspended on the three-point suspension system of the tractor. The mower-shredder has vertical axes of rotation of working rotors. The drive is transferred from the tractor by means of a jointed-telescopic shaft to intersecting axis gear and upper rotor. We have made every effort to ensure that good quality of cutting and shredding is guaranteed by properly shaped working space of the rotor, proper type of cutting knives and their working parameters. The knives installed in our mower-shredders are made of special heat-treated steel and are resistant to abrasion and impacts.

The shifting mechanism that enables smooth transverse shifting
of the mower-shredder with regard to the tractor (installed in all the mowers offered by us) makes it possible to perform mowing not only behind the tractor but also beside the tractor i.e. under the crowns of trees and bushes. As a standard, the mower-shredders are equipped with a mechanical bolt-adjustable shifting mechanism. Upon individual agreement with the orderer, the machine can be equipped with a hydraulic shifting mechanism that is adjustable from the tractor.

"KS-2.2R" mower-shredders have the following features:

  • robust and durable construction
  • they are made of high-quality materials
  • they are equipped with robust and resistant transmissions
  • robust design and the system of protective shields guarantee safety of the machine operation
  • they are equipped with abrasion-resistant knives made of special grade of steel
  • they can shred tree branches of diameter up to 3 c
  • they eliminate the necessity of using herbicides



The mower-shredder has several regulating mechanisms that make it possible to set appropriate working parameters such as:

  • cutting height
  • shifting of the mower-shredder outside the tractor's outline
  • pressing force of the protective wheel on the swing arm
  • position of the side rotor during operation of the machine


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