Multifunction Treatment Machine Sava 



Technical data:

Mechanisms drive
Spacing of the rows 3,5-4,2 m
Hydraulic pump in tractor demand 30 l/min.
Working driving speed 1,5-4 km/h (0,75-2 mph)
Tractor power demand
22 kW (30HP)



A "SAVA" multi-functional machine for the care of orchards and plantations of bushes greatly facilitates and accelerates the maintenance of orchard cultivation. Depending on the needs, the machine can be equipped with many tool combinations. The machine is made of a toolholder an attached to it, replaceable tools on one or both sides.

-  sweeper of branches and leaves,

- crown tiller,

- crown strimmer,

- herbicidal beam,

- ROCH shoots cutter (on one side).

Automatic tool guide to lead the tool along the row is available.


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